Geothermal Heating System Maintenance and Installation

A geothermal heating system is one of the latest technologies in home safety and improvement. By reducing the risk included in traditional HVAC systems and maximizing the heating and cooling potential of geothermal energy, this new whole-house system is steadily rising to popularity among homeowners.

With technology as advanced as this, it’s no secret that lots of people have not yet mastered everything about it. That’s why we want to make sure that you don’t suffer from various problems when using a geothermal heating system.

In this article, we’re going to teach you the different tasks you need to do to maintain this heating system and how you can avoid the most common installation mistakes homeowners make.

How to Maintain a Geothermal Heating System

Geothermal heating systems are undoubtedly durable on their own. But it still pays to conduct regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they function with utmost efficiency. Moreover, if you encounter problems with your geothermal heating system and your house is on a mortgage, you might want to check the policies of the loan you got from FHA to determine whether the insurance covers your heating system. Nonetheless, below are some tips on how to care for your heating system.

Check Filters

All heating systems use filters, and it’s best to inspect them once a month to guarantee that they haven’t suffered any damage. However, if you’re using your geothermal heating system quite frequently, you may want to check the filters every two weeks. If you found that the filters have accumulated too much dirt, it would be harder for your heating system to function. Furthermore, unclean air may be harmful to your family. Make sure that you clean or replace these filters regularly.

Handle Condensation

Condensation is quite common in geothermal heating systems, and it must be handled properly and regularly. If left unchecked, algae may build up in the system and reduce its efficiency. There are lots of algaecides that you can see in the market today. However, you want to make sure that you use one that does not have too many harmful chemicals. Geothermal heating systems also have a drain line for condensation, so you need to ensure it’s properly draining. If not, you need to look for the blockage and remove it immediately.

Call a Professional

While most maintenance tasks can be done on your own, some problems might be harder to fix. If the issue is outside of your skillset, or if you’re quite doubtful whether or not you can do it properly, make sure that you call a professional to handle the matter. It’s best to call the company that installed your geothermal heating system to guarantee that they specialize in the unit you have.

Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Since geothermal heating systems are a relatively new invention, many people encounter some trouble whenever installing one. While consulting a professional is the best course of action, knowing what you need to avoid may also help you in this process. Below are some of the most common installation mistakes you need to take note of.

Size and Design Miscalculation

With the traditional HVAC systems, a rule of thumb is to determine the building’s size and choose a heating system that can provide warmth to a larger area. HVAC providers assumed that this is to guarantee a heating system’s efficiency. However, a geothermal heating system must be precise. That’s why plenty of data and calculations must be made to guarantee that the right size and designof the unit and air ducts are installed.

Not Considering the Local Climate

While a geothermal heating system is efficient whether you live in extreme or normal weather conditions, considering the local climate is still essential to maximize its efficiency. Be sure to check the Climate Zone Map to guarantee what sort of weather you’ll be facing to guarantee that the system installed in your home will last for more than 25 years.

Failure to Install System Control Properly

Geothermal heating systems use scientific principles to provide your house with sufficient heat. However, they also use various software programs and complex electrical devices to make it easier for you to control them. If the wrong system controls are installed in your unit, it may be harder for you to operate it. Make sure that you consult your system provider to guarantee that your heating system works beyond subpar levels.

One way or another, we’re going to need a heating and cooling system in our homes to keep us safe and comfortable. While there are lots of options to choose from, a geothermal heating system is the one with the best benefits both personally and environmentally. Make sure you know how to use it properly.

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