Growing concern around the Tigray region

The recent confirmation by Eritrea of having its troops in Ethiopia’s region comes as no surprise. Eritrea’s troops have also started withdrawing from the Tigray region and Ethiopian contingents have started redeploying. Eritrean forces have been helping the Ethiopian government in fighting Tigray’s former ruling party in a conflict that began in November.

The confirmation by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of the Eritrean presence in the region has invited the remarks from the US and United Nations of withdrawing the troops from Tigray.

The great conflict in the Tigray region has resulted in widespread killings, rape and massacres. Also, this has resulted in sexual violence being used as a weapon of war and the humanitarian crisis has deteriorated sharply in the region.

Due to this grave problem, many people move to Sudan and as a result, it has the potential to destabilize the Horn of Africa region. Thus, it is important for these regions to de-escalate the tensions as soon as possible while keeping in mind civilian safety and security.

The mitigation of tensions is important for not only stability in the region but also for human rights.

What could be the plausible way forward?

It is yet to be seen.

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