Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the first supermoon of 2021 this month

Good news, skywatchers and amateur astronomers can witness the second-largest moon of 2021 shortly before midnight on Monday the April 26. The moon, also referred to as the Pink Moon, will be at its fullest at 11:32 p.m. EDT on Monday and will appear full for three days till Wednesday morning. 

According to NASA, while the closest full moon will be the one on May 26, April’s supermoon will be second closest to Earth than other full moons of 2021. Unlike the name, the moon won’t appear pink

Different cultures around the world have given different names for this April moon. The Pink moon is named after a North American early springtime wildflower Phlox subulata, also known as the herb moss pink, creeping phlox, moss phlox, and mountain phlox.

Other names from popular cultures: Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon

April 26 moon is the full moon before Easter, making it the Paschal Moon for the followers of Eastern Christianity. It also marks the birth of the Hindu god Lord Hanuman and is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanthi by the Hindus. 

For Buddhists in Srilanka, this is Bak Poya moon and marks the visit of Buddha to Srilanka.  

According to NASA, stargazers can take this opportunity to look for other celestial objects in addition to the Pink Moon. On Monday, when the Sun sets at 8:59 p.m. EDT, Mars will appear at 38 degrees above the western horizon. At about 63 degrees above the southern horizon, the bright star Regulus from the constellation Leo will appear closest to Earth. The brightest star of the night sky, the Sirius, will appear 16 degrees above the southwestern horizon. 

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Source: ScienceAlert

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