Texas prepares to allow unlicensed handguns

The primarily Republican State Capital has approved and sent the legislation to Gov. Abbott, allowing people to carry guns without a license, background check, and training.

Governor Greg Abbott, has said that he would sign it, despite the opposition from gun control groups and law enforcement.

The opposition to the legislation has cited the recent number of mass shootings, including the Walmart in El Paso and a high school near Houston.


Supporters include the Republicans that drafted the bill, and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Jason Ouimet, ED for the NRA stated “A right requiring you to pay a tax is not a right at all”. It’s been described by the group as the most significant gun reform in Texas history.

Texas already has some of the loosest gun controls in the country, but this law would allow anyone aged 21 or over to carry a handgun unless they have a history of violent crime or court order prohibiting them from open carry.


Gun control and law enforcement groups have petitioned against the bill since it would endanger police and likely lead to a resurgence in violent firearm crime.

Democratic Representative Joe Moody also recalled the promises of safer gun control that were spoken after the El Paso shooting that left 23 dead and the contradictory nature of this recent legislation.

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