People brain to blame for causing fear of darkness

Many people, especially children are having fear while stepping out in the dark. Perhaps, it’s not so uncommon, and yet some believe it as a nightmare or ghosts beneath the bed. Scientists thought the other way and found the reason as an individual’s brain. The portion of the brain called the amygdala was helping out to cause fear in the dark. The beauty of this part is to process each emotion and outrage it as fear. Several studies showed that the amygdala was active only in the dark creating such outcome. In the presence of light, its activity diminishes and also has a role in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which also plays for the fear pathway.

The study

Researchers have taken 23 people to prove the efficacy of the conclusion. They used fMRI brain scans when the subjects were treated with 30 second period of dim (10 lux), moderate lighting (100 lux), and darkness ( less than 1 lux). The result turned as when the light intensity increases, the amygdala activity goes down. This makes everything clear about the link between light and dark in the activity of the brain. Also, light therapies are currently valuable in the treatment of depression, and also other- related ailments.

The cells called intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) are currently the main research topic as it takes light from the eyes and process it in the brain. Further study will make the evidence still more clear so that we will have the appropriate methodology to tackle these problems.

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Source: Science Alert

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