Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bhushan Krishnamurthy

Author at News Landed

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Studies show us that e-cigarettes cause cancer in animals

With vaping related deaths already on the roll, a new study reveals us more shocking facts. A study conducted on mice tell...

Emerging epidemics due to changing climate patterns

The recent EEE epidemic in Michigan is a good example of climate influenced outbreaks. When are we going to address this major issue?

Ebola outbreak cover up in Tanzania might be true

Following positive cases that could be the start of another Ebola outbreak, why is Tanzania fighting to cover up? With a death due to mysterious...

World Rabies Day: Everything you need to know about the disease

Every year, the 28th of September is commemorated as World Rabies Day, globally. In order to maintain the one health perspective of both animals...

Green Tea could help us tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

Studies show us that Green Tea could possibly be the future keyhole to tackle anti-microbial resistance, and here is the story. When scientists from the...

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