Monday, January 25, 2021

Hervé R. Thomas

Hervé crafts and rolls out innovative strategies and solutions dedicated to improving the human condition worldwide. Trained in public and international affairs, Hervé effectively recruits and leads accomplished multidisciplinary teams, collaborates across public, private, academic, and civil society institutions, as well as uses scientific, technological, and environmental tools to deliver tactical objectives and achieve transformative results.
5 Published Articles

U.S. markets chart downward trend despite U.S. financial regulators’ policy statements

U.S. Markets continued their downward path Friday despite two key policy statements from the nation’s financial regulators.

The Antarctic’s deglacial evolution offers new climate change insights

Keele University and University of Exeter researchers have published a new study that could lead to improved climate change projection models and alternative means to control atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Mastercard continues diversification with billion-dollar fintech investment

Mastercard announced Tuesday it had acquired Finicity, a Salt Lake City-based fintech. The acquisition will help with Mastercard's continued foray into open banking systems as recentlydone by its rival Visa.

German fintech startup missing $2 billion sees its CEO arrested for fraud

Wirecard AG, a financial technology investment firm based in Germany, is reeling from audit findings that have uncovered over $2 billion in missing cash from its balance sheets, the arrest of its CEO on suspicion of deceitful business practices, and plunging shares.

Fresh new COVID-19 Health Scares in Southern U.S. with Dusty Saharan Winds

As several states face increased new COVID-19 infections and officials scramble to further mitigate the impact of the pandemic, scientists are sounding the alarm regarding previously overlooked environmental factors that could exacerbate coronavirus symptoms.