Saturday, April 4, 2020
Saturday, April 4, 2020

Kshitij Seth

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Hey guys, hope you are enjoying reading articles on NewsLanded. I am Kshitij Seth and currently persuing B.Tech in Automobile Engineering. I am interested in the automotive world and love to gather knowledge about the same. So, I decided to write and share with all of you, and I am thankful to NewsLanded LLC for giving me the platform to express my views. I hope you will like my articles. Remember to comment and share your opinions on it, as it will help me to improve my content.

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BMW makes fuel cell vehicle with the help of Toyota

In today's generation, many automobile manufacturers are running towards electric vehicles. Not many have switched to EVs, but still are trying for...

Gumpert Nathalie: First supercar powered by methanol fuel cells

There were many speculations about the methanol and hydrogen fuel cells in the market. Some theories proved that electric powertrain is responsible...

Apex AP-0: A sportier EV from a new company

The automotive industry is a very dynamic field, and all other branches are trying to take benefit from it. The electric vehicle...

Joysticks replace the steering wheel in Hyundai Prophecy concept EV

Once again, Hyundai Motors has come up with a sporty and stylish EV concept. The Prophecy, so-called by the South Korean manufacturers,...

Tesla Model Y to start delivery by March 11, 2020

Tesla revealed its Model Y in March 2019. And as promised, the company started its production in early 2020. Tesla is known...

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