Monday, November 28, 2022

Lucia Stamati

I grew up glued to the television screen, which functioned as my beloved nanny. Later on it took on the role of my headteacher, which turned out to be called TG1/ TG2 and ZDF Nachrichten. As an adolescent I filled my homework with all novels of classic literature. Whilst a student of college I slowly digressed from hardcore consumer to soft core culture producer. I would fill my time by writing self published books plastered with photographs of myself and people I met as well as textual books ala James Joyce that didn’t make much sense at the time but gave me an enormous pleasure to write. I even produced/ wrote/ performed/ recorded a rap album at that time, exercising my right to freedom of expression. Latest when my father passed away suddenly in 2016 and I couldn’t spare the change for a History of Art degree, did I rekindle my absolute news passion, again. I started reading with passion, daily news articles, a homage to my suddenly deceased and very beloved aka best friend, father. We used to watch the news together and we would discuss the content daily in front of the tv. My father would use it also as a policing tool ensuring I would know what’s out there by watching the news.A newspaper of Corriere de la Serra would always graze in my fathers hand or my uncles. Latest upon realising that education isn’t for free everywhere I started cherishing my daily newsflash input even more. The finally progressive change I was longing towards for so long started to take place with more and more same minded people verbalising and vocalising as well as by coining new terms of old structures of hierarchy and of engrained corruption, ranging from environmental to economic, political, cultural, financial, systemic, institutional, medical to work place, sexuality, gender, power, racial to injustice, inequality, apathy, violence active and passive as well as much more... consuming and producing thoughts in between those issues as well as geared at technological innovation and more seismic shifts and changes... I always advocated passionately for the visibility of any form of inequality by ensuring to make my personal narrative as well as my thought process of broader issues heard within my personal circles of friend and family. Seeing that institutional education had a price tag attached to it that didn’t grant me the liberty I connect with education, news saved my life, not social media or a degree but news. I am thereof super excited in being a newslanded team member and I can’t wait to create news content myself and hopefully enrich by that creative and self educational process, same minded individuals whom I hopefully can empower, inspire, enthuse with my articles because to me, at least, knowledge is power, and until it’s not free for everybody or recognised as a tool of emancipation, I will continue writing for you in the hope that one day aside of the www, education will be an essential human right such as dignity is untouchable, education thereof information should be sharing its place with dignity as a human right. It should give in an ideal world where fake news are only seen as mere aesthetic tools of visual artists not as a tool to propaganda or marketing. Power should be always available in everybody and thereof respected as such as. Equality, liberty, dignity, solidarity, health, sanity, sanitation, rest, nourishment, productivity, creativity, security, safety and even wealth in a life fully lived should belong to all not just the few.
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