Friday, September 25, 2020

Mishika Sharma

A sophomore at the University of Delhi pursuing her majors in Economics. She is an active social entrepreneur. Being passionate about Economics and writing, we bring her best of skills combined here!
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Australia in recession after 29 years amid COVID-19 pandemic

The wrath of the pandemic has bought massive disasters for the economies. Some of the world’s strongest economies have been suffering and...

TikTok Plans to challenge US orders banning transactions within the app

TikTok after facing major back leash and facing the debate around major data breach has been banned by India, The United States also, have planned to put various restrictions around the functioning. Apart from the allegations faced by TikTok, it is also a race to become the Technology and Data superpower.

S&P 500 Closes at an all-time high: Positive news For investors?

The stock markets have been unpredictable in the past few months as coronavirus pandemic slammed businesses. As economies have now started opening...

Japan in Recession: Worst on Record

Japan, the country which behaved as if the pandemic is over and post which it was everywhere has been slammed by the pandemic hard. After the UK fell into a deep recession, Japan’s economy too has been shrinking at a record breaking rate affecting all aspects from life of a common man to international trade.

Wrath of COVID-19 hits the United Kingdom the hardest, steepest GDP fall

Recession has kicked in, in one of the biggest economies. United Kingdoms’ recession is the worst, as the output shark by 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020, the worst on record pushing the country deep into damage.

Grappling unemployment rates amidst political rivalry and COVID-19

As The United States tops the number of Coronavirus cases, it has brought a turmoil in the country with respect to the health care, employment rates and the overall economic aspect as steering the country has been a hard drive for the past few months. Last week, as the economic reports showed an unemployment rate of 10.2% and after the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the U.S. economy added 1.8 million jobs last month

Novavax and Serum Institute of India partner to launch COVID-19 vaccine as early as 2021

There has been enough commotion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Now being into the 5th month of partial lockdown, Indians are expecting...

What does TikTok has for Microsoft? Who dominates the tech sector?

The past years have been a boon to the social platforms or rather the digital media industry as whole and with the...

Elon Musk becomes the 7th richest man, passing Warren Buffett

The CEO of Tesla, Elon R Musk, surpassed Warren Buffett on 10th July and became the 7th richest man as per the...

World record $1 billion worth of ISIS-made drugs buested by Italy

With a plethora of happenings around the world, a drug bust has come into the highlight where Italy seizes a record-breaking $1...

Speculative stocks: The current scenario of the Stock market

The world witnessed several disastrous economic events due to the pandemic, ranging from the negative oil prices to the crashing of the...

Atma-nirbhar Bharat Economic Package 101

The world has experienced several outbreaks that have transformed history and the medical world. In the realm of infectious diseases, a pandemic...