Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Praveen Nagaraj

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Praveen Nagaraj is the CEO and Founder of News Landed LLC. He is an enthusiastic space writer and is deeply inspired by Elon Musk. His goal is to build News Landed into an open platform.

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Husband and wife are Canada’s first confirmed coronavirus cases, 19 other suspected

Canada gets its first confirmed cases of the coronavirus with a couple being infected. The husband and wife couple were visiting Wuhan,...

China is not prepared to handle coronavirus outbreak, shortage of equipment

China doesn't seem prepared to handle the coronavirus outbreak, even though you would expect that their epidemic handling system would have improved...

Warning: You can transmit the coronavirus without knowing you’re infected

There is a major difference between SARS coronavirus (outbreak in 2002) and novel (new) coronavirus. It has been revealed by Ma Xiaowei,...

The coronavirus is adapting to humans, becoming more transmissible

The coronavirus is leaving the world in panic, resembling the early warning signs similar to the SARS outbreak. With over 4,500 confirmed...

Coronavirus: 5 reasons why there are probably 10x more infected than we think

Scientists believe that the number of people infected by coronavirus may be seriously underreported. This is due to the nature of the...

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