Sunday, September 20, 2020

Praveen Nagaraj

CEO/Founder/Editor in Chief | News Landed

Praveen Nagaraj is the CEO and Founder of News Landed LLC. He is an enthusiastic space writer and is deeply inspired by Elon Musk. His goal is to build News Landed into an open platform.

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Taco Bell to drop some of its iconic menu items on September 12

Taco Bell is revamping its menu by not only changing the look and feel, but removing some of the most beloved items we love...

YouTube to be fined up to 35x more than TikTok for Children’s Privacy Violations

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has voted to fine Google with fines from $150 million to $200 million for settling its accusations against the...

Don’t buy leather in cars: Tesla Model 3 interiors are now leather free

Tesla announced on Saturday that the Model 3 vehicle interiors are now completely leather free. Tesla has been working on this mission for a...

NASA installs first Mars Helicopter underneath the Mars 2020 Rover

NASA has completed testing its Mars Helicopter, which will soon become the first aircraft to fly on another planet.

KFC “Plant-Based Chicken” sold out after 5 hours

ATLANTA, Georgia: Kentucky Fried Chicken was reported to begin testing of their "plant-based chicken", and as expected, the demand for the food item was...

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