Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Praveen Nagaraj

CEO/Founder/Editor in Chief | News Landed

Praveen Nagaraj is the CEO and Founder of News Landed LLC. He is an enthusiastic space writer and is deeply inspired by Elon Musk. His goal is to build News Landed into an open platform.

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World’s biggest airplane takes to the skies

The aircraft is designed to carry rockets to a height above 30,000 feet and drop them before their engines ignite. This launch system is meant to be a more cost economic way of launching satellites, hoping to rival SpaceX's reusable launch vehicles.

$35,000 Model 3 no longer available online

The autopilot option is now standard on all Model 3 variants, thereby hiking the prices of the base models of all variants except the $35,000 base option.

SpaceX successfully lands all three boosters of Falcon Heavy

Today was the second launch of the world's most powerful, operational rocket: Falcon Heavy.

Most powerful, operational rocket to launch today

The success of this launch could set a precedent for using SpaceX launch vehicles for heavy payloads.

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