Saturday, April 4, 2020
Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sai Lakshmi

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I am a student at Kalakshethra College of Fine Arts of Visual Arts group at Chennai. I finished my schooling at MIRS. My main interests are in Indian Art, art history, heritage, dance, music, and Ceramics. I also write poems for my pass time and love reading thrillers and also literary books.

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Ancient weapon identified among other artifacts at a museum

A sword was spotted at a museum by Dall'Armellina, who has studied about swords. She came upon the sword at San Lazzaro...

New fossil discovery might reveal the ancestors of present-day birds

Birds have come down from dinosaurs is what we know till today through the fossils which we have studied and found. But...

Scientists have found a fossil of the smallest dinosaur that ever existed

Scientists reportedly have found a fossil of the smallest dinosaur that could have ever existed. The fossil was found in a 99-million-year-old...

Met museum estimates to lose over $100 million due to the coronavirus

In the view of curbing the causalities due to the coronavirus pandemic, a strong cultural institution like the Metropolitan Museum of Art...

Largest ever theropod fossil found at Winton in Australia

The largest to date fossil of a theropod has been found at Winton in Australia. It has been excavated by a team...

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