Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Shruthi Bhashini

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SpaceX soon may be littering Earth’s orbit with dangerous space debris

Why 'Starlink'? Though the ambitious nature of SpaceX has dramatically helped to escalate its position in the space race,...

New study shoots down the Theory of Dark Energy

Studies done by researchers from the Yonsei University might disprove the existence of Dark Matter.

Final countdown of Europe’s Exoplanet Mission interrupted by technical Glitch

The launch of the CHEOPS exoplanet mission was called off due to a glitch in the automated sequence 1 hour 25 minutes...

Russian Soyuz booster accompanied by humanoid robot ‘Fyodor’ to the ISS

For years, rockets scheduled for the ISS have been carrying payloads accompanied by astronauts. The Russian Space Agency takes its place in the space...

LightSail 2 exhibits successful demonstration of ‘Flight by Light’

The spacecraft powered by sunlight marks a breakthrough in space travel by covering 3.2 million miles per day. The propulsion system of LightSail 2...

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