Thursday, October 22, 2020

Shruthi Bhashini

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SpaceX soon may be littering Earth’s orbit with dangerous space debris

Why 'Starlink'? Though the ambitious nature of SpaceX has dramatically helped to escalate its position in the space race,...

New study shoots down the Theory of Dark Energy

Studies done by researchers from the Yonsei University might disprove the existence of Dark Matter.

Final countdown of Europe’s Exoplanet Mission interrupted by technical Glitch

The launch of the CHEOPS exoplanet mission was called off due to a glitch in the automated sequence 1 hour 25 minutes...

Russian Soyuz booster accompanied by humanoid robot ‘Fyodor’ to the ISS

For years, rockets scheduled for the ISS have been carrying payloads accompanied by astronauts. The Russian Space Agency takes its place in the space...

LightSail 2 exhibits successful demonstration of ‘Flight by Light’

The spacecraft powered by sunlight marks a breakthrough in space travel by covering 3.2 million miles per day. The propulsion system of LightSail 2...

NASA selects 3 companies for Lunar Program

On Friday, NASA announced its partnership with three companies to aid with the launch of the first set of American Lunar Rovers, to deliver...

Indian Elections 2019: Lok Sabha Exit Poll Results

After the last day for voting, the consequences of the exit polls are stirring enough! The Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, calls the exit polls fake in an attempt to strengthen the hopes of the party perhaps.

Elon Musk hauled to trial for calling a Cave Diver a “pedophile” on Twitter

The accusation leads the CEO to trial, scheduled on October 22.

Gamers can’t stop craving over Sony’s “next-gen” Playstation

How about upending the way “gaming” is defined by redesigning right from the very heart of it? And so do we have our yet-to-be named “Next-Gen” Playstation (as Cerny prefers it to be called). So Gamers, psych yourself up for the “next-gen” gaming.

“Technical glitch” led to the Lunar Crash Landing of the first Israeli Private Satellite

Beresheet: the Israeli spacecraft crashed on its final descent on Thursday. Reports say that the engines were shut off due to a technical glitch, probably from a sensor.

Top 5 Destinations in the World you should visit this Summer

What's on your travel wish list for Summer 2019? Transform by visiting the vibrant cities across the world

Top 5 Destinations in India you should visit this Summer

What's on your travel wish list for Summer 2019? Here's a list of places to visit in India this summer.

Awaiting The Avengers: Endgame?

With less than two weeks left to the release of the Endgame, the movie is sure to deliver a whacking blow upon every known sphere.