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SpaceX Falcon-9 compared to ISRO’s PSLV

At a height of 44m and 4.8m diameter, the small but reliable rocket has been used by India to carry the Chandrayaan missions and Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, to the Moon and Mars respectively.

Cygnus spacecraft launch, NG-11 Mission

The Cygnus spacecraft is carrying 40 mice towards the International Space Station. These mice are a vital part of the mission, as they are a part of a study to test the effectiveness of an anti-tetanus vaccine.

“Technical glitch” led to the Lunar Crash Landing of the first Israeli Private Satellite

Beresheet: the Israeli spacecraft crashed on its final descent on Thursday. Reports say that the engines were shut off due to a technical glitch, probably from a sensor.

World’s biggest airplane takes to the skies

The aircraft is designed to carry rockets to a height above 30,000 feet and drop them before their engines ignite. This launch system is meant to be a more cost economic way of launching satellites, hoping to rival SpaceX's reusable launch vehicles.

SpaceX successfully lands all three boosters of Falcon Heavy

Today was the second launch of the world's most powerful, operational rocket: Falcon Heavy.

Most powerful, operational rocket to launch today

The success of this launch could set a precedent for using SpaceX launch vehicles for heavy payloads.


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