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With Elon Musk focused on paving the way for commercial spaceflight and colonizing our species on Mars, it is important we follow every major step of our path to become a multi-planetary species. Here is the latest news on Space.

SpaceX launches heav​iest payload ever with Falcon-9

SpaceX just launched on Thursday (May 23), the largest payload ever on a Falcon-9 rocket. After multiple launch delays due to weather and testing, the rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites took off from Cape Canaveral at 10:30 PM EDT. This is the third time that this particular booster is used.

SpaceX Falcon-9 compared to ISRO’s PSLV

At a height of 44m and 4.8m diameter, the small but reliable rocket has been used by India to carry the Chandrayaan missions and Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, to the Moon and Mars respectively.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule explodes during test fire

The Crew Dragon spacecraft exploded on Saturday, during a test fire of its Super Draco engines. This is the same capsule that was used earlier last month, for the successful Demo-1 mission.

Cygnus spacecraft launch, NG-11 Mission

The Cygnus spacecraft is carrying 40 mice towards the International Space Station. These mice are a vital part of the mission, as they are a part of a study to test the effectiveness of an anti-tetanus vaccine.


India’s most powerful rocket is all set to thrust engines to the Moon

A distinctive feature of the Indian Space Agency has always been its frugal nature and consistent growth. Being steeped in ambition, the Organization's lunar...