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Google Search gets a visual refresh

Ads are better integrated with search results that makes them visually more pleasing. However, this could also lead to more unwanted clicks on ads that are mistaken to be top-level search results.

Microsoft Build 2019: Takeaways

Last week, around 6000 developers from all over the world came to Seattle to attend Microsoft Build from May 6-8. This is a premium developer conference that is packed with game-changing announcements.

Elon Musk hauled to trial for calling a Cave Diver a “pedophile” on Twitter

The accusation leads the CEO to trial, scheduled on October 22.

Uber shares fall by 7.6%, making it one of the most disappointing IPO’s ever

There are many factors that lead to the dissapointing performance of Uber’s public offering. Increasing tension in the US-China trade lead to increased skepticism of Uber Technologies ability to become profitable. It didn’t help that Uber estimated a net loss of around $1 billion for the first quarter of 2019.

Why the Pixel 3A is a game changer

The most important thing that people will look for in a budget Google Pixel phone will be the cameras. The Google Pixel series has been very famous for its amazing stills and night mode capabilities.

Big rigs powered by overhead cables

Diesel has contributed a fair share of soiling the ecology. Germany came up with a fitting objective to deduct the emissions.


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Tesla films demo of self-driving Model 3 before Tesla Network Event

Tesla has been spotted filming a self-driving demo in a Model 3.

Tik Tok no longer available on Google and Apple App Stores.

One of the most popular apps among teenagers has been banned by Google and Apple stores.

Gamers can’t stop craving over Sony’s “next-gen” Playstation

How about upending the way “gaming” is defined by redesigning right from the very heart of it? And so do we have our yet-to-be named “Next-Gen” Playstation (as Cerny prefers it to be called). So Gamers, psych yourself up for the “next-gen” gaming.

Disney will launch it’s very own streaming service!

Disney+ offers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

$35,000 Model 3 no longer available online

The autopilot option is now standard on all Model 3 variants, thereby hiking the prices of the base models of all variants except the $35,000 base option.


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